Graphic Design

Neilson Design is first and foremost a design studio.  We are a team of dedicated professionals, who like to bring as much enjoyment as possible to our daily creative process.

Importantly we seek first of all to understand your business - as much as that is possible for someone not living it day to day. Then with a good grasp of your target market, your goals and an agreed upon 'brief', we then seek to transform those ideas into creative deliverables, 

These deliverables can range from a corporate logo that reaches deep into who you are and tells your story, to the photographic and digital content on your website, brochures, posters, banners, or campaign ready Point of Sale displays.

Most of all we are up for a challenge. If you are pressed for time, pressed for ideas or simply just looking for another view, speak to us. We can't promise to solve all problems, but we will certainly try.

So contact us here.  We'd love to meet you.