Environmental policy

Our Environment Commitment

Neilson Design is passionate about the environment and is working closely with customers, suppliers and environmental agencies to achieve best practice environmental management at all points within our business and supply chain.

Our mission is to achieve year-on-year improvements in our carbon efficiency, enabling us to offer suitable environmental choices for our customers. We are taking steps to achieve this by base lining our current carbon footprint and to establish meaningful and achievable improvements in the way we operate and the choices we can make available to our customers.

There are two main areas of activity driving our journey towards this goal.

Reduce and Eliminate our Footprint / Emissions Reduction Plan

We regularly carry-out data collection to measure our carbon footprint. Carbon reduction strategies are then implemented to effectively reduce our carbon emissions through:

  • Improving our current waste management processes, operational improvements and implementing an efficient workflow process, working towards a paperless office.
  • Challenge our consumable behavior through staff education. Share our vision with all our staff to consider environmental, health and safety when making choices for our organization and our customers.
  • Reduce travel & transport emissions through carbon-offset programs, which fund carbon reduction projects across the world.
  • Implement energy efficient workspace options such as lighting, IT innovations and reducing energy consumption by using renewable energy resources.
  • Regular monitoring of our progress by environmental industry bodies.

Sustainable Supply chain / Green Choices for Customers

We are continually working with and auditing our existing supply chain to enable us to offer customers LoCO2 or NoCo2 options when it comes to print management. This is achieved by identifying printers who utilise:

  • Paper suppliers who are selective on choosing paper stocks that meet standards and can verify conformance to all of the recognised sustainability accreditations like FSC and PEFC.
  • Productivity improvements to reduce waste and improve cycle times
  • Offering 100% recycled paper and a variety of other environmentally friendly stocks (e.g. carbon neutral paper)
  • Options for local production, thereby reducing transport
  • Our print management team works collaboratively with our suppliers to help customers reduce usage of consumables and ultimately their bottom line costs with correct sized print runs and options for local production.

Neilson Design is committed to developing sustainable business practices in our office, products and manufacturing processes that will benefit future generations through sustainable growth, both profitably and responsibly, while leaving a smaller footprint on the world.