Free Standing displays


Have you noticed those cardboard displays as you walk into a store? Of course you have.

Instinctively customers know that anything in a cardboard display warrants their attention. Time and money has been invested, and so the customer is immediately drawn to the shape and design of the display and they can't help but look at the images, the colours - and of course - the products .

And that is why we build displays.

Neilson Communications are experts in Free Standing Display Units (FSDU's). Designing many from the ground up – we achieve high visual Impact with displays custom designed for the retail location and floor space you have allocated.

FSDU's have many benefits.

• High Visual Impact designed to draw attention and awareness to your product.

• Guaranteed Monopoly of the POS Marketing Area – no sharing with competitors.

• Enables you to negotiate the best location within the retail outlet.

• Provides the retailer with extra shelving, an extremely valuable commodity.

As a result, FSDU's have been adopted by many retail outlets as an effective yet temporary solution to help their vendors drive sales when they have specific campaigns underway.

More examples of displays we have produced can be seen under the ‘Work’ menu.

If you have a campaign coming up and would like some ideas., please give us a call at Neilson Communications